Christmas time is a wonderful season, but it’s a busy time of the year. Unfortunately, this can mean that many elderly family members feel neglected as Christmas approaches. Here’s why it’s important to visit elderly family members this holiday season.

Show That You Haven’t Forgotten About Them

As senior citizens age, they often need help with many tasks. To avoid placing strain on familial relationships, senior citizens often live in assisted living facilities. However, seniors frequently worry that their family members will forget about them. To show your elderly family members you still care, make it a point to visit them this Christmas. This allows you to create memories your elderly family members will treasure when you’re not around, and you’ll remember these times warmly for the rest of your life.

Regular Visits Improve Health and Quality of Life

Senior abuse certainly doesn’t happen in all assisted living facilities, but these unfortunate incidents do still take place. Seniors who receive regular visits from friends and family are less likely to experience abuse because their loved ones will be able to notice and report signs of elder abuse earlier. Also, visits from family members allow seniors to feel relaxed. This can contribute to decreased blood pressure and help to keep seniors healthy. You can also speak with medical staff during these visits. This allows you to learn if your family members are experiencing any new conditions. Take these opportunities to learn how they are adjusting to assisted living.

Inspect Seniors’ Living Conditions

There are many types of assisted living facilities throughout the nation. Unfortunately, some aren’t as clean as they should be. If your elderly family members live in an assisted living facility, it’s a good idea to check on it. You’ll be able to make sure these relatives are living in clean and comfortable conditions. Signs of unclean facilities include the presence of bugs or rodents. You might also notice soiled bedding and clothing. It’s vitally important to make sure a family member’s room is clean and sanitary. This means ensuring that floors, walls, bedding and bathroom facilities are all clean. 

It’s understandable to feel pressed for time during the holiday season. However, this shouldn’t mean forgetting to visit your elderly family members. These visits greatly cheer older relatives, and they also allow you to ensure that your family members are receiving adequate care. 

If you really want to make your elderly loved one’s Christmas special, consider having us decorate their living quarters for them. Contact us today to get an estimate!