The Christmas Guys™ got their start back in 2009 and have since grown dramatically to be the decorators of choice for local and Hollywood celebrities. We offer awesome Christmas motifs that we make by hand right in America, with American steel. Christmas motifs are often used in commercial Christmas displays as well as by individuals who want to be the envy of their neighborhood or just add the something extra special to their residential Christmas decorating.

Below are some of the Christmas motifs that can be ordered from us. Please keep in mind your motif may differ slightly from the pictures as these are quality handmade to order displays and we only use LED lights. As we make these to order we are able to offer a lower price than the competition as we are not sitting on inventory or adding the extra costs of large storage locations. In addition to the Christmas motifs listed below, we also offer custom motifs so you can choose the design and colors of your pleasure.

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