The Christmas Guys™ began providing Christmas light motifs (also called self-standing displays) in mid-2016. We are proud to use only the best quality LED lights to light up displays. We also are even more excited that we are able to make these with American Steel and American labor. These motif pieces are made, not by machines, but by hand by Americans working hard to provide for their families. With our in-house welding team and design team, we are able to provide one of a kind American made pieces at prices below the competition.

Custom made oversized commercial decorations by The Christmas Guys in Altamont NY for Christmas Land LLC

Whether you are looking to add to your commercial Christmas light set up or just wow the neighborhood with some amazing Christmas motifs The Christmas Guys™ are here. We also offer our handmade LED lighted motifs for other occasions like the 4th of July, Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day, Summer Time Fun, Thanksgiving and we even offer custom motifs! That’s right we can work with your design to build you your very own custom-made LED light motif.

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