Patio Lighting

While enjoying your outdoor living space you very quickly find out how important lighting is. Lighting not only helps light up the area and helps you see in the dark but it is also a vital component in setting the mood and creating the atmosphere of your dream outdoor space.

There are many forms of patio lighting available. From patio string lights to landscape lighting, the ideas and possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The most popular patio lighting we sell and install for our clients are patio string lights. These go by many names including bistro lighting, globe lighting, landscape lighting, and even suspended socket outdoor lighting.

These lights are larger than your standard Christmas lights, even larger than c9 bulbs, however, they are smaller than the standard light bulb in your ceiling lights.

 Patio String Lighting Installation

tio string lights come in many different colors. What we typically install for clients’ patios and backyards are lights that are able to turn color. You can have the standard warm white glow that you see most often at restaurants and the like. However the lights also allow you to turn them 6 different other colors, you can have them static as a single color or even flashing or cycling through all 7 colors total! It allows you to change the mood and atmosphere of your lighting with a simple click. 

The biggest thing to decide when we come for an in-person measurement and to discuss your project is deciding on the pattern you would like to hang your patio lighting to. There are tons of different patterns and ways to hang your patio lighting. Below are some examples of the patterns we decorate patios and backyards with. These are a good starting point for you to start to picture what your backyard could look like.

Square Pattern:

patio lighting outdoors with a square outline

Center Post (Reverse Umbrella) Pattern:
backyard lighting with string lights in a center post or tent pole style

X Pattern:
patio string lights hung using an x pattern with the strands crossing in an example backyard patio

Horizon Point Pattern:
patio string lights hung with a single horizon point

V Pattern:
patio string lights hung in a v pattern in a backyard

W Pattern:
patio string lights with a w pattern hanging from wooden posts

Patio Lighting

Patio lighting, also called bistro lighting, is a very popular way to transform your outdoor living space quickly. Less lead and build time means patio lighting projects have a much shorter waiting time from estimate to installation. Click here to see our backyard lighting page with examples and ideas for your garden oasis.

Tropical Outdoor Decor

The Christmas Guys know decor. From holidays, events, and living spaces. We offer some pretty amazing outdoor tropical decor pieces available for your patio and backyard. From artificial palm trees to pineapple chairs. Click here to see our outdoor decor page with examples, ideas, and some of the decor pieces you can choose from.

Tiki Bars | Patio Bars

From grilling outdoors to playing some backyard games having access to a tiki bar at your house or an outdoor bar area is a great way to keep guests entertained and utterly add a wow factor to your backyard paradise. Whether you are looking for a tikibar or even a pineapple pop up bar we have you covered. Click here to view our outdoor bar page for examples and ideas.

We understand that designing and planning your backyard lighting is more than browsing a website. Message us today and let’s chat about your ideas, plans, and overalls backyard goals.

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