The Christmas Guys™ based in upstate New York offers numerous options when it comes to lighted motifs for your home or business. As we make these by hand right here in America we are pleased to be able to produce custom motifs for our clients. With a custom motif, you can choose the design and the colors you want throughout to create a fully unique one of a kind LED motif that will brighten up your space.

Custom motifs range greatly in price depending on the size of the piece you would like to create. Give us a call or shoot us a message below to discuss and receive a no-hassle estimate to create your very own LED motif for any occasion.

Step 1: Submit a Picture

Step 2: We create a digital image.

Step 3: We send the image for approval.

Step 4: We  begin to bend and weld steel.

Step 5: We apply primer and paint to the steel and support bars.

Step 6: Once dry we begin the process of adding light clips and lights to your new motif.

Step 7: We plug in your brand new custom motif and see it’s beauty.

Step 8: We ship your hand made custom LED motif to you!

Ask About Purchasing Your Custom LED Lighted Motif Today!