The Story of The Christmas Guys


The Christmas Guys™ is a one of a kind Christmas light installation company that was officially founded in 2009 by Matthew Martoccio and incorporated as Elfperts, Inc. in 2018.

Matthew was inspired to start the business after years of decorating not only his home but those of his family, friends and some neighbors. The initial dream of a Christmas light installation business came about while decorating in 2008. 

I offer cutting-edge lighting solutions for homes and commercial buildings in the Capital Region of New York and the northeast. But to be clear, we don’t just sell lights. We provide experiences by bringing holiday cheer to our clients year-round. More than just Christmas Guys, we’re reliable, punctual, and friendly guys and gals providing next-level lights and service. From Fortune 500 companies and pro sports stadiums to savvy homeowners, neighbors, and friends, we’ve been setting a higher standard for lighting for more than a decade. Let us light up your life, no matter the season.

We offer a special service to our area. We decorate and help decorate homes and businesses (inside and out) for New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts! We are a locally owned business that loves decorating and lighting design. We understand that many people would love to have a nicely decorated home or business for the Christmas and Holiday season but for various reasons just can’t do it themselves.

Again, We are local residents here in the capital region and we absolutely love the Christmas season. We don’t want to sit by and let the traditions of the past pass away.

We hope to hear from you very soon! Whether our Christmas light installation services are needed or not we hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and enjoy that good ol’ fashioned goodness that it so often inspires, God Bless!

The Christmas Guys is a business owned by Elfperts Inc. Elfperts Inc hosts a family of decorating and lighting companies including The Christmas Guys, Barefoot Landscape Lighting (Illumination Portraits of homes and businesses), Light Your World (Wedding and event decorating), ChristmasMotif.com (custom made motifs, and more), and a partner in VisiDream LLC (our oversized commercial decorations supply company.)


Meet The Team

Captain Christmas (President)

Matthew Martoccio in a red Christmas suit

Some Elves (Decorating Elfperts)

decorating elfperts in ugly Christmas suits

Professional and Insured

red truck wrapped with The Christmas Guys logo and words holiday decorators

Residential Christmas Decorating

all white led lights decorating trees and roofline


Commercial Christmas Decorating

red white and blue led lights on a barber shop decorated for christmas time


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