Hello, we would like to introduce ourselves to the businesses in the Capital District. We are the Christmas Guys™, a local Christmas light installation company!

Yes we decorate homes and businesses right here in and around Albany, NY. As we’re sure you know Christmas lights and decorations help draw customers into your business and also studies have shown people will purchase more when a business decorates. So call for your free Christmas light installation estimate.

It also shows the community that real people operate the business and not just some faceless company.

Have you been decorating and doing your own Christmas light installation in previous years? If so is it worth risking having one of your employees climbing ladders and handling lights with insurance costs and lawsuits these days? We are fully insured ourselves so no risk to you and your company.

Another trend among various businesses is to have some white lights up throughout the year to accent some of their landscaping and/or smoking areas to show that you appreciate smokers business along with the non-smokers.

For whatever reason you decide to decorate we hope you give us a call for a free estimate. You can reach us at 518.712.XMAS (9627)

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 Step 1 – Commercial Holiday Design Consultation

The process all starts with a design consultation for your project. Whether you are looking to decorate a lifestyle center, mall, strip mall, holiday light show, holiday light destination, or an event for municipal holiday activities  After discussing your wants, needs, overall theme, and budget we design a holiday lighting plan specifically for you. 


Initial Design

After discussing your project and walking through the area(s) to be decorated we will send you an initial design proposal. This initial design is not exhaustive, rather a starting point in the winter wonderland creation process.


Design Revision

After we meet to go over our initial design concepts we meet again to find out specifically what you love, like, and hate from our initial design. Diving deeper into the commercial Christmas decorations that you want to see more and less of in the design. With this information, we revise the initial design to ensure you get what you love. 

Final Design

Now with the revised holiday decorating design, we meet with a proposal and estimate. During this meeting, with our help, you decide exactly what areas will be decorated and what items you would like in those areas. You sign off on the final design, provide a deposit for the work and we begin preparing behind the scenes for your project. 

Step 2 – Commercial Christmas Decorating

Now the time has finally come and the holiday season is fast approaching. It is time to see your commercial holiday display designs and dreams come to life with the Elfperts from The Christmas Guys. 

Holiday Decorating

The Christmas Guys decorate and install your lights and decorations for your decorating project. From hanging lights on rooflines, custom LED standing displays, oversized holiday decor, and holiday selfie stations your property is transformed,

Decor Removal

Beginning in early January we begin the process of taking down Christmas lights and removing decorations and decor for our clients. Everything we decorated and put up is taken down and removed from your property for storage throughout the year at Christmas Guys HQ.


We totally remove all hassles for you by taking all products and decorations from your property and storing them in one of our storage areas for next years decorating. Not only does this keep all your personal storage space open for other important items it also allows us to start prepping, testing, and fixing any issues prior to your next installation date.

Don’t forget if you have any questions regarding your commercial Christmas light installation please don’t hesitate to ask below.

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