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Below you will find short and sweet answers to the most common questions in the Christmas Light Installation business in text format as well as links to video responses if you prefer. If you have a few minutes we recommend the videos so that you can get to know us a little bit.

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Can I add decorations to my original Christmas light installation estimate?


Of course you can. Just let us know. Watch the Can I add to my original estimate video here.

How many lights do I need for my Christmas light installation project?


It depends on the project and the density of lights that you like. We will recommend the number of lights needed after discussing what your desired look is, the overall project, and your budget. Watch How many lights do I need for my Christmas light installation project video here.

How much does Christmas light installation cost?


This also depends on the project. Our installation prices start at $499 for residential installs. Our typical residential project is $1,200-$1,500 for the decorating portion. Watch the how much does Christmas light installation cost video here.

How long will my Christmas light installation project take?


We will give you a projected decorating time frame once we set up an installation date, noting that weather and other unforeseen things can make the decorating take longer or shorter than projected. See our video answer to How long will my Christmas light installation project take here.

Can I leave my Christmas lights up all year long?


No, you should not leave your Christmas lights up throughout the year. Removing them at the end of the season helps to extend the life of your lights, decorations, and not harm your trees and foliage. Watch our video response to can I leave my Christmas lights up all year here.

Do The Christmas Guys™ take checks?



Yes, you can pay with a check for you Christmas light installation.

Does The Christmas Guys™ accept credit cards?


Yes, we accept credit cards through multiple different payment platforms.

Do The Christmas Guys™ do interior Christmas decorating?


Yes, we decorate for the holidays and events inside of your home as well as outside.

Will Christmas lights trip my electrical breakers?



Christmas lights can and will trip your breaker box. If you overload your fuse it will trip very often. The Christmas Guys calculate the amps of your overall project as to not exceed your circuits limits. During heavy rain and snowmelt the lights at times will trip, this is normal and your electrical box working like it should be.

Do The Christmas Guys Decorate for Other Events and weddings?


Yes! The Christmas Guys bring their over a decade of professionally decorating to any event and wedding. Including lighted marquee letter rentals, flower wall rentals, venue decorating, and motif rentals. We market ourselves as “Light Your World by The Christmas Guys” so clients aren’t confused if we only do Holiday decorating.

Should I Buy LED Christmas Lights?


Yes, absolutely. In years past it wasn’t worth paying the extra for LED Christmas lights, thankfully now that the technology continues to get better the pricing has made it a no brainer to use LED lights over incandescent lights for holiday decorating. The Christmas Guys now exclusively use LED lights and are unable to provide incandescent lights to new clients.

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