The holidays have arrived and it is time to gather the garland and hang the wreaths. It is also time to give the best gifts possible to our loved ones, both at home and afar, to show them our love. However, if you are not careful, the shipping costs for your gifts can add up quickly. Read below for tricks that will help your gifts arrive safely to your family without breaking the bank.


While we put so much thought into selecting the perfect gifts, we tend to overlook the packaging of that gift. Not only do we want it to look nice for our loved ones, but we also need to use the correct materials to ensure any packages arrive in one piece. Make sure the box you choose is the right size. If you select one too small, your item might be squished, but if it is too large, the item could shake and break before arriving at your family’s home. If your item is on the heavier side, make sure to select a box sturdy enough to hold it. For the inside of the box, pick out a pretty tissue paper to wrap your gift if shipping a soft item. However, if the gift is breakable, bubble wrap is the better alternative.

Cutting Costs

It is sometimes difficult to stick to a holiday budget. If you are shipping gifts, that task can become even harder if you do not pay close attention to shipping costs for your family living abroad. There are ways to cut costs to ensure the shipping costs do not add up and break the bank. Make sure to compare costs between local and national providers as well as online shipping providers. Make sure you correctly fill out any customs paperwork if shipping overseas to avoid any issues with your package. Be careful when selecting the size of the box you will use because prices can increase with size. Many will shop online this holiday season and receive the gift in a box that is just the right size, but there are things to consider when purchasing gifts on the internet. According to Ship7, forwarding mail from a home address can be more cost effective than shipping directly from the seller when shipping internationally. Consider having your package shipped to your home to save on shipping costs.


Many people don’t consider the importance of labeling your package, but according to American Stationery, a printed label with clear letters can ensure there are absolutely no mix-ups in the name or address of your recipient. Look online for labels that can be easily printed or visit your local print shop. Make sure to include your email and phone number on the label. After you have selected the perfect gift, you would hate for bad handwriting to interfere with your gift.

Gift-giving can be very fulfilling during the holiday season. Carefully selecting the proper packaging materials and labels and cutting costs where possible will allow your gifts to arrive safely without going over your Christmas budget.

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