The holidays are quickly approaching. That means you should be thinking about decorations both inside and outside of your home. An outdoor decor scheme is a great way to participate in making your entire neighborhood look festive.

When it comes to decorating outside, make sure to pick a nice day to do it. Avoid getting on the roof if it’s windy or there’s ice. If you’re up on a ladder, you don’t want to be dealing with dangerous conditions. You should also spend some time preparing your yard for your decoration display. This not only will make installation much easier, but preparing your yard will also help to make your lights more visible.

Trim the Trees

It’s important to trim the foliage on your trees regularly. This contributes to the health of your trees and also assists with a great Christmas display. Trimming your tree’s limbs will result in them becoming stronger and more resistant to damage. You’ll want to cut off any dead portions or branches that are hanging too low, so they won’t cover up your decorations. There are some tools that you can use to make this job easier, but a tree-trimming tool is the safest way to reach high-up branches.

Clean Up

It’s nice to have festive Christmas decorations all over your yard, but these decorations don’t mean much if you have debris and garbage all over the place. With colder weather comes a lot of wind in most areas of the country. A lot of yards end up with other people’s garbage or outdoor items all over the place. Before you get started, store or throw away these items. This will give you better access for installing your lights. You’ll also be able to see everything better once it’s installed. Cleaning up around your yard just gives your home a better curb appeal, anyway. It’s something you should consider doing on a regular basis.

Once your yard is ready to be decorated, you can start to install all of your decorations. Try to hide the extension cords, wires, and plugs as best as you can. Seeing all of these cords can really make the display look messy. Once it snows, most of the cords will get covered up, but you can’t guarantee that you’re going to have a white Christmas.

Dreading the thought of installing Christmas lights by yourself or taking them down when the holidays are over? We can help!