One of the most beloved aspects of the Christmas season is the plethora of festive lights and colors from the various decorations. These decorations bring joy and wonder to all who behold them, but they can’t last forever. Once the holiday season passes, these decorations must be stored away until next year. To keep your decorations safe and organized, use these simple DIY tricks.

Protect the Tree

Not everyone can afford the money and hassle that comes with having a real evergreen tree in their home for the holidays. If you’re one of the millions of people who enjoys using artificial trees for your Christmas decorating, you already know that storing one of these trees safely all year round can be tricky. A Cultivated Nest recommends storing your artificial tree in its original box is always the best option. If that isn’t available, a Christmas tree bag is the next best option. Always make sure to fold up, and break down the tree into its smallest pieces.

Gather the Lights

Your Christmas lights are one of the most delicate decorations you’ll need to store away after the holidays. Strings of Christmas lights have a tendency to become tangled and broken during storage. All Storage Online recommends that you “avoid the unnecessary frustration by winding all holiday light around heavy plastic reels before placing them in your color-coded bins.” Alternatively, you can wrap your Christmas lights around a hanger or an empty paper towel roll to prevent tangling. Once your strings of Christmas lights have been attached to and wrapped securely around your chosen storage item, wrap the lights in a layer of tissue paper or soft linen for added cushioning to prevent damage during storage.

Organize Your Ornaments

Whether your Christmas tree ornaments are plastic or glass, you’re going to want to store them in a secure way to preserve them for years to come. Ornament bags are a trending storage item that provides your ornaments with layers of individual pockets for snug storage. Plastic totes with individual cubbies will provide stalwart protection from being dropped or hit. Cardboard archival boxes are another affordable yet sturdy option for ornaments of all shapes and sizes.

Love Your Linens

Your holiday linens need to be protected when not in use. Before your holiday linens are stored, wash them in gentle soaps to remove any dust or food. Two Twenty One recommends to fold them neatly to avoid wrinkles and tuck them safely into a polyethylene plastic tote. Polyethylene is the safest plastic for linen storage. To help further organize your holiday decor, try to keep it all together in the same box or same area of your home. This will make next year’s decorating efforts quicker and easier.