Those who live in small houses, trailers, apartments, etc. share a common struggle: storage space. This tends to lend itself to a fairly minimalist lifestyle — including little to no seasonal decorations. But there’s no hard and fast rule that just because you lack space you can’t have beautiful seasonal and holiday decor. You don’t need a mansion to enjoy the seasons and holidays and wow family and guests. With these three tips, you can effortlessly turn your home into a warm, welcoming place to come home as well as entertain.

Use Multipurpose Decor

You don’t need a lot of decorations to transition a small space between occasions. You can express easily your love of any season or holiday by selecting reusable decorative items. When choosing decorations, select background decor that you won’t need to pull down and store away immediately. For example, if you celebrate Christmas and winter in a colder region, primarily use snowflakes, fake snow, snowmen and other general winter seasonal decorations and then accent them with religious and non-seasonal Christmas pieces. After Christmas, remove the accent items and keep up the winter decor. For Spring and Easter, repeat the process by using spring seasonal decorations as the backdrop.

You can also invest in generic home decor items that can be redecorated to match different seasons and holidays, such as wicker baskets, vases, bowls, and even houseplants. Make certain the colors of these items will still match your theme of interior decor.

Pick Hidden Storage

If you absolutely need to own boxes and boxes of decorations, a variety of storage options exist that can help you store as many decorations as you want throughout the year without taking up a lot of space.

For example, store decorations in totes in a tier stacked from largest to smallest in a corner of your room and then use the exposed areas of the lids for display of decorative items. To make the bins look like a display rack instead of plastic bins, glue a matching room color fabric or light canvas to the lid and bin surfaces.

If you have a lot of decorations because you previously lived in a large place, a small storage unit will be the best way to to house unused decorations. Most holiday decorations will fit in a 5’x5’ space, about the size of a walk-in closet (Highlands Ranch Self Storage). This is also a great choice if you plan to eventually move to a larger space again because you can use the unit to store furniture, appliances, and moving supplies.

Create an Illusion

You can also create the illusion of a larger room in a smaller one by changing how you decorate. For example, utilize tiered and staggered arrangements. When you place larger decorations at the floor or between the floor and ceiling and smaller ones at eye level or higher, you make a ceiling look higher.

Color can also be used to aid the illusion. Simulate a larger, airy room by brightening the atmosphere with light-colored decorations and lighting. Dark colors can make some small spaces feel cozier, especially if you use darker decorations and lights sparingly, but too much darkness can make a small space seem cramped and potentially depressing during darker winter or rainy seasons.

Hire The Christmas Guy!

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