Christmas is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about lawn decorations. If you’re a fan of decorating your yard, but you’ve always stuck with your traditional, tried-and-true decor, perhaps this year is the time to get creative. When it comes to creating a truly impressive yard display, you’ll need to think outside your usual box. Here are a few things to consider when planning this year’s outdoor Christmas décor.


There are dozens of options when it comes to holiday lighting for your yard. You can post lights along your walkway, hang them from your eaves, tack them up around your windows and even wind them around your trees. When it comes to light options, they are nearly endless. At your local home improvement store, you should be able to find multicolored bulbs, pure white bulbs, flashing lights, color-changing bulbs and a variety of bulb shapes and sizes to suit any design preference. Keep in mind that when you’re hanging up the lights, it’s important to choose the right ladder, make sure the weather is cooperative, and hang up lights in the daytime. Taking these precautions will help ensure you remain safe while decorating your yard.

Garland and Pine Cones

When you want to give your home a cozy appearance, decorate your front door, windows, and fence with forest-inspired garland. Add these decorations along with your light display, and you’ll give your home a woodsy feel. Drape garland all around the exterior of your home. Frame your entryway, wrap it in a spiral around columns, or attach it to the ledges around your porch. Incorporate garland that feature pine cones, and your home will start to look like a winter wonderland. 

Themed Music

Themed music can really add an extra layer of pizzazz to your Christmas yard decor. You can set your Christmas lights to flash in tandem with the music you select, or you can simply loop inviting Christmas tunes to play throughout the night. When you combine visual and auditory elements, you’ll captivate onlookers with your impressive sensory experience. 

When it comes time to decorate your yard for Christmas, get creative! You don’t have to stick with traditional decorations, either. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to designing your display. With a variety of lighting color options, animation tools, larger-than-life lawn characters and a bit of imaginative spark, you’ll no doubt create the most impressive display on the block.

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