The holiday season is a fun and joyous time of the year that is met with much anticipation. The aspect of this season that is much less fun is the removal and repackaging of holiday decorations. It can even be frustrating to try to find proper storage space for all of your decorations. Your garage is an ideal place to store these decorations, but if your garage is messy or small, it could prove to be a challenge. There are ways that you can optimize the space in your garage for proper holiday storage.

Use Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers are a versatile and effective means of storage for holiday decor if your garage space is limited. They can provide protection to delicate decorations, while preventing water and other damaging substances from ruining other decorations. Plastic storage containers are also incredibly useful as they can be stacked on top of one another to take up vertical space in a garage that has very little horizontal space. They can even be labeled for easy organization and can be color-coded to denote the types of decorations contained within the tote.

Install Shelves

If your garage storage space is incredibly limited or if your garage is severely disorganized, a great way to optimize the available space to store Christmas decorations would be to install a set of shelves. Shelves are very versatile in that they can be installed as a standing unit or can be installed directly into the wall of your garage. A standing shelf unit will provide multiple tiers of storage space in a limited vertical area. Many storage shelves are built with spaces to apply labels for easy organization. Wall shelves are more customizable and can be installed in varying sizes and at varying heights to suit your purposes. Shelves would be optimal to store boxed decorations, wreaths, and figurines.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks can be an incredibly clever way to optimize the storage space in your garage. They can be placed on your garage walls or even on the inside of your garage doors. Wall hooks are strong and versatile, allowing them to provide unique storage opportunities in the smallest and tightest of spaces. They can be used to store wreaths, bundles of lights, bags of decorations, or even tree stands.

When installing or constructing your holiday storage space units, don’t neglect to follow proper safety protocols to ensure that you prevent any possible injuries or damages to yourself, your garage, or your decorations. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!


Featured image courtesy of Organized Garage Solutions.