Well here we are in our 5th week of The Christmas Guys Fun Tip Friday! Get excited, I know I am. Today I will give you what may not seem like much of a Christmas light installation tip, but it will halfway through putting up your Christmas lights. The tip is to layout your extension cords prior to putting up any Christmas lights. This will help you know what you are working with and where your power supply for your Christmas lights will start. This will also bring to light any difficulties of decorating that 3rd tree you want to do but don’t have enough extension cords. So before you begin you can decide to scrap Christmas decorating that 3rd tree or send someone to pick you up some additional lead cords for your Christmas light installation. Also if you have varying sizes of lead cords you can make sure you have the right length running to the right Christmas decoration before you have already placed it certain places to hide it from view. You can even draw yourself a little Christmas light installation map to help you out, I know we here at the Christmas Guys have and still do at times! Check out https://thechristmasguy.com for more fun tips.

christmas lights in albany extension cord

Looking for how to tie up extension cords after Christmas is over? Then watch our video for help.