Well hey hey hey and ho ho ho Christmasteers! Matt here for my first Fun Tip Friday. From now through Christmas each Friday I will share one “fun tip” about Christmas or other Holiday things. This will range from the obvious Christmas Lights, Christmas light installation, Christmas lights in Albany, Christmas decor, Christmas games, and/or fun stuff to do in the winter. Some will be short some might be long so for the first Christmas Guys Fun Tip I will talk about Christmas light installation and zip ties and bread ties! During the season, I don’t think there is ever a point where I don’t have bread ties on my person at all times and zip ties in the truck.

Zip ties and bread ties are an important element in installation because they help things stay nice and tight against whatever it is you are decorating. For example, while doing a tree wrap on a thin branch a bread tie or zip tie is much better to use than actually trying to wrap a small thin branch. It guarantees the light strand will stay tight against the branch you want it to be! These ties are also great to use on staircases, awkwardly shaped evergreen trees, garland placement, interior banister garland, etc. Basically, almost anything you decorate for Christmas can benefit from the sneaky little plastic ties that are mainly out of view yet add some additional Christmas magic and that professional Christmas light installation look!

Christmas light install in Albany

The Christmas Guys:

The premiere professional decorators for homes and businesses creating wonderful winter wonderlands. Services include design, installation, decorating, removal at end of the season, and storage. The Christmas Guys also rent marquee letters and offer custom Christmas motifs and other event motifs. You can view their info and portfolio at the website https://thechristmasguy.com/ or contact them online. For more DIY Christmas tips you can check out some videos we made at https://thechristmasguy.com/diy-christmas-decorating/