Christmas with your family can be a fun and magical time no matter what you do because you get to spend it with the people you love. You can come up with a new activity to do together each year or carry on a tradition from one year to the next, expanding on it so that it’s larger each year as your children get older.

As your family grows, add the new members to your yearly holiday activities as well. Try to think of others when you begin planning your activities, as giving back is often satisfying in and of itself.

Help Those in Need

One of the ways that you can come together as a family while making a difference for another family is to give back to those in need. Look at local schools, churches, and community organizations to adopt a family for Christmas. Go shopping for toys, clothes, or treats for kids to open on Christmas morning.

You can also bake cookies or Christmas dinner for the family as an added act of service. If you don’t want to adopt a family, consider donating gifts to a few kids who might not have Christmas presents. Another idea is to adopt a senior citizen who might not have family members who will give them presents or spend time with them at Christmas.

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Have a Pajama Night

On Christmas Eve, tell everyone to get into their pajamas at the end of the day. A fun idea would be to get matching pajamas so that everyone wears the same thing. Take a few pictures before surprising everyone with either a meal that you can eat in the living room, such as pizza, or an evening of watching Christmas movies while eating holiday snacks.

Make sure you have a holiday beverage or two as well, such as eggnog or punch. If you’re planning on getting professional pictures made, consider wearing your pajamas in the picture and using it as the cover of your Christmas card.

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Plan Future Endeavors

After all of the presents have been opened, sit together to reminisce about the year that has passed. Talk about the good and the bad things that have happened, encouraging each other and offering support. Make a chart that lists the goals that you have as a family for the next year, putting it in a place where everyone can see what you have planned.

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View Christmas Lights

Whether you live in a large city or a rural area, there is probably somewhere that you can go to see Christmas lights. Many towns have large displays that include a number of residents taking part in decorating their houses and lawns. Towns like this usually create displays in open spaces as well so that families can enjoy a variety of holiday scenes.

If possible, consider walking through a small town together to view Christmas lights. Stop to talk to a few of the people you see out and about or sing Christmas carols while you’re walking around. After viewing the lights, get a cup of hot chocolate or a sweet treat to end the evening.

Celebrate Advent

Teach your children about the Christmas holiday with an advent calendar. There are some that include pieces of candy and fun characters that intrigue children, making it easier to teach them about the holiday. This is a time when churches prepare for the nativity of Jesus and celebrate his birth.

As you progress through the days of the calendar, talk about what Jesus means to each person and how Christmas plays a part in each person’s life.

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Make a Cake

Baking is a fun activity to do for Christmas. Instead of making just any old cake as a family, make a birthday cake for Jesus. Decorate it as though you would give it to Jesus at a party, since Christmas is the time to celebrate His birth. You can also get a few gifts that can be given to your church or to your pastor.

Read the Christmas story together from your Bible while the cake is baking. If you’re active in a church, then consider creating an event so that some of the children who attend can make the cake with you, giving out small treat bags as a part of the celebration.

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Create Colorful Chains

Red and green are colors often associated with Christmas. Spend an afternoon together making links that are red and green, putting them all together to create a gratitude chain. This chain can be hung on your tree or on the wall for everyone to see.

Some of the things that can be included on the chain are events that family members are thankful for and the people who family members are thankful for, such as grandparents or aunts and uncles. Use this time to reflect on the things in your lives that are blessings instead of the negative things that have happened during the year.

Decorate Doors

Use wrapping paper and other Christmas items to decorate the doors in your home. Before the kids get up on Christmas morning, keep doors securely closed with small contraptions to keep them from running to the tree to open their presents.

You could put a large bow on the door or string ribbon across the door so that they have to break through it to get out. Another option would be to set small (and safe) booby traps along with a scavenger hunt that leads to presents. Each person can think of a theme for their own bedroom door. Have a contest to see which one is the best by asking a friend or family member to be the judge.

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Christmas means something different for each family. For some, it might mean seeing the joy on the faces of children as they open their presents. Others might enjoy baking Christmas treats and taking them to those who are in need or putting them in tins to give as presents. Find something that you can do as a family to cherish the holiday. When you discover the true meaning of Christmas, you can take it through the rest of the year and other holidays as well.

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