After you untangle your strings of Christmas lights, the fun (and sometimes stress) can begin! No matter how many decorations are on your display, you want your display to look great and function properly. It can be so much fun to come up with new ideas each year, and it’s the best way to keep the season merry and most importantly bright!

Here are some festive ideas for you to turn your home into a wonderful winter wonderland this holiday season:

White as the Snow

If you don’t want your display to seem overcrowded or busy, keep it stylish and sophisticated by using white lights for your whole display! Not only does the display look fantastic, it really emphasizes your home and property’s features. Consider outlining different architectural features, such as your roof, any columns, windows, and doors. You can mix the lights with greenery to add a little character. If you live in colder areas, make sure you get your lights up before the weather turns so you don’t have to worry about slipping off the roof while putting up your lights.

Luminary Bags

While traditionally these bags were made with real candles, now you can avoid the fire hazard with battery-operated versions! You can purchase the bags and lights as a set or use any thin lunch-bag sized bags you prefer along with affordable battery-operated lights. For even more fun, you can let your kids decorate the bags however they’d like. Just make sure they are weather-proofed enough to withstand the snow.

Candy Cane Lights

The sweet holiday treat’s colors can make an even sweeter light display. Just alternate the red and white strings to create a candy-inspired display that everyone will love! Wrap them around your windows, your mailbox, and even your railing to celebrate the holiday and its delicious treat. You can even set these lights to automatically turn on and off with your home automation so you don’t have to worry about using too much electricity.


Color-Coordinated Cheer

Do you want to use different color lights in your display but still want it to look neat and organized? What about red trees, blue bushes and a white facade on your house? This keeps each section separated and standing out from each other, so each detail really pops! If you want to make your display a little more complicated, consider having a professional do your installation.

No matter what you choose to do for your Christmas display, make sure you have fun with it. There is not point in decorating for something you aren’t going to enjoy.