Whether you’re attending Christmas dinner or hosting a party, the outfit that you wear can help you feel festive for the holiday. Although it can be easy to select red or green clothing to wear to a party, it’s important to look fashionable and have the right outfits to wear throughout the season. Here are a few Christmas party outfits to consider for 2019.

Fun and Flirty

Don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun with the Christmas outfit that you choose, which can include a flared sequined skirt that is paired with tall boots. Lace and leather will also add a bit of edge while still working within the holiday theme. Wear your hair in a top knot with a bow to create a unique and memorable look.

Classy Classic

You can never go wrong with a classy and sophisticated look for your Christmas party outfit. For formal Christmas parties, just look in your closet — generally speaking, the same kind of dress that you would wear to church will also make for appropriate attire. You can make it look more festive with dangling earrings or a gold belt, which will create an upscale look that is formal enough for the occasion.

Neutral Jumpsuit

You don’t have to wear the traditional Christmas colors to look stylish and elegant at a party. Consider wearing a neutral jumpsuit that looks upscale and can be paired with a faux-fur coat. Adding gold accessories will dress up the attire and create a feminine style as you exchange gifts and sing Christmas carols with your family members and friends.

Make Use of Velvet

Velvet is a traditional material that is commonly worn during the winter season due to the cozy warmth it offers. Pick out a velvet dress that is stylish but functional. Men can also choose to wear a velvet tie or blazer to celebrate the holiday and look the part. Velvet looks beautiful in deep, dark colors, like navy, evergreen, and burgundy. Choose velvet in an unusual color to ensure that you have a modern twist with your Christmas attire and feel like you’re ready to walk a festive Christmas runway.

There are many ways to get creative with your personal style when you’re planning what to wear to Christmas parties during the month of December. With the right accessories and materials, you’ll stand out for your stylish look, and you can continue to wear some of the items in the new year.

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