Halloween is a favorite holiday among amateur home decorators. It’s the first holiday of the fall holiday season that encourages participation through festive decorations. However, Halloween comes with its own decorating hazards due to the number of people you’ll likely have at your door. That being the case, you’ll want to choose your lighting decor that both looks cool and keeps visitors to your home safe.

Light It Up!

While some people now take their kids out to trick-or-treat when it’s still light outside, many parents still like after-dark trick-or-treating. When you’re decorating the exterior of your home, it’s important to keep this in mind. One way to ensure that people can trick-or-treat safely at your house is to light the path to your front door. Lots of options for this exist, including lanterns and even Christmas lights, which you can string on the branches of your trees. One last thing to consider is that good lighting also helps prevent people from tripping on your decor—which is a surprisingly common complaint around this holiday.

Jack O’ Lanterns

Jack o’ lanterns are both decorative and practical, depending on your decorating method. If you opt for painted pumpkins, then you won’t have additional lighting on your front porch. However, if you carve a pumpkin and put a light in it, then you have both a front porch light and a Halloween decoration. If you feel hesitant to carve a pumpkin and put a light in it due to the possible fire hazard, then consider putting electric tea lights in the pumpkin instead. You can get these at the local dollar store. Usually, you just need to twist the tea light’s faux wick to turn the light on.

Inexpensive Solar Lights

The cheap solar lights that you find at the local five and dime or dollar stores are viable options for outdoor lighting. Moreover, the manufacturers of these items usually make holiday-specific lights, which means that your Halloween solar lights can be orange and black and have decorative elements painted on them, like spiders or skeletons. What’s especially nice about these is the price. Even if you buy twenty of them, it’s only going to cost you about $20, plus tax.

Aside from this, solar lights are easy to use. Most of them have a spiked end that allows you to insert the light directly into the ground. However, if you mount the lights on poles, “plant” them in flower pots, or hang them from the porch, they’ll be useful and visually interesting as well. You could even combine your jack o’ lantern with a solar light to make an especially interesting porch light!

Decorating for Halloween counts as a rite of passage for many home decorators. Its spooky motifs and dramatic colors really spark the imagination. However, because so many people will visit your doorstep on this day, it’s important to choose your Halloween lighting carefully. It should not only support the decorative motif of the holiday, but it should also keep you, your family and the visitors to your home safe once the dark of night comes.

After Halloween, it’s not too long before you’ll want to start decorating for Christmas. Give us a call today and let us take care of the Christmas lights for you!