Can I add decorations to my original Christmas light installation estimate?

Transcript below:
Hi I’m Mike and this is my friend Matt and where the Christmas guys today we’re going to be answering a few questions and concerns that some of our prior buyers and friends, neighbors have asked us regarding Christmas light installation so our first question is going to be can I add additional items to be decorated after my estimate? Yeah we do get this question quite a bit probably three out of four people ask us this one when we’re there or you know call up a couple days beforehand maybe that same day while we’re there decorating hey Matt Mike you can you guys you know maybe decorate this tree or decorate this extra bush or throw up a wreath for u? Yeah that’s not an issue you know before we do it will tell you yeah you know it’s in an additional cost or whatever the cost going to be yeah um we know will usually have some extra lights on us so you want to worry about that will be able just tell you know this is it with the lights and everything and we’ll be able to do it that same day while we’re there it’s not like we’re going to come back so you know it’s not going to cost an obscene amount extra to throw on. Exactly it’s it’s really simple to do you know we don’t have to say we’re gonna be back and you know charge you up the wazoo it usually people are asking for a bush you know can you do the extra bush on the side sure what we can you know will be an extra 60 bucks whatever it is depending on the density so it’s it’s a non-issue right so yeah I think that’s it that wraps it up for this little video here and I’m Matt I’m and we’re the Christmas guys and we hope to hear from you soon now www Christmas guy com or you can reach us at 518 XMS which is five one eight seven one two nine six two seven thanks for watching see you soon Merry Christmas.

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