Preparing to Decorate Christmas Light Installation Tips

Being prepared before you start decorating not only makes the Christmas decorating take less time but it also makes it more enjoyable. See below for some of The Christmas Guys tips on being prepared prior to decorating for Christmas.

Rather read what we have to say? Below if the transcript of the how-to video;

Hi, Matt here with The Christmas Guys™ with a professional Christmas light installation tip. Few tips for you. First tip and most important one when doing installation is to always have a friend or helper with you. For instance, you can always bring in Mike The Christmas Guy™. Here, Matt, you forgot this. Oh, thanks. Another thing to do is before you start decorating is to always make sure you measure out what you’re doing. The roofline, a rolling measurer helps a lot and if you’re doing trees there’s things online that you can look at to help you estimate how many lights you will need. Once you estimate out and you think you’re all prepared buy a few extra, always make sure you have extra lights on hand and lights ready to go. We like to have everything out of the boxes and all stretched out before we start so we can just start decorating. Also always make sure you have enough time. If you think it’s going to take you a half-hour plan on five. That way. 5 hours? Laughing their not professionals. But that way you’re not, you don’t want to do it when you’re in a rush because it takes away from the joy of spreading Christmas cheer. Also always make sure you have the right materials. We got, we have a four foot, a 6 foot, 12-foot A-frame ladders, 18, 28, 40-foot extension ladders which you may not be using but make sure you have the right kind of things ready to go. Their good for your two-story buildings if you want to do a roofline. Correct. That’s it. That’s Matt and Mike The Christmas Guys™ with a few professional Christmas light installation tips. For more information visit our website the Christmas guy dot com or call us at 5187129627 and we’ll be glad to answer any questions that you have. Bye Bye Bye

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