How to Decorate Tall Outdoor Trees for Christmas

Decorating tall trees is difficult. There are different ways including, ladders, boom lifts, and light poles. Below is a video a homeowner can accomplish with a tool they may already have in their home.

Watched the video and now would like to read the transcript? No worries we provide it below;

All right Matt with the Christmas Guys™ back again. We’re almost to the top of this evergreen tree so we just wanted to show you how to finish it up. Again I recommend having a friend, or a relative, or a loved one help you but I am The Christmas Guy™ so I have to use some Christmas magic sometimes. So to get to the top of the tree you can just get yourself a Christmas light pole and then you’re going to go up a little higher than you really want to be and then kind of let it set. And then just do the same thing like you’re doing for anything else when you’re on the ground. For now, the pole becomes your hand. Again those are close to each other and I know I’m going to have to move them around a little bit but again easier to move once you have a few up there to make it look right. And again you’re just laying it down nice and slow pulling it away. And then when you went through it a couple of times you just want to stand back and then you can just pull down or push up whatever you need to have done to make it look like you have the right wrap. I’m going to go ahead and finish this up and going to throw another strand on again. Go a little higher than you think, let it come down to rest. That’s it and you just finish it up all the way up to the top. And that’s how you decorate the tops of the evergreen trees. This is Matt with The Christmas Guys™ come check us out at thechristmasguy.com or feel free to call or text us at 518-712-XMAS that’s 518-712-9627. Merry Christmas.

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