How to Decorate Your Roof With Lights for Christmas

Getting that nice crisp tight roofline look with lights is key to make sure the lights highlight the architecture of your home and add an amazing glow and holiday spirit to your neighborhood. See our professional Christmas light installation tips for decorating roofs with lights.

A transcript of our How to Decorate a roofline with c9 lights videos is below;

Hi, Matt and Mike with The Christmas Guys™ here with another professional Christmas light installation tip. Today we’re going to show you how to do C9 lights on your roofline. First obviously make sure you have your lights ready to go, which we already do. Pretest them first before putting them up because that can be a real pain in the butt to have to take them all down and replace the lights. Certainly. Also, a bag of roof, gutter, shingle clips pick them up at your local big-box store for a couple bucks. You get about 75 in them. With C9 lights you want one clip for every single light. So that’s one clip every foot. SO if you have about a 50-foot roofline you want at least one box, always recommend getting a couple extra because you will break some, they are plastic. And again one light clip for every light bulb that is the biggest trick to make sure you have a nice uniform look on your roofline that will look amazing. It’s always good practice to have extra of everything on hand so you don’t have to run to the store last minute and then taking up a whole day instead of a half-day depending on what your installation time usually runs. All right so we’re going to get to it. Another tip is that when you’re doing a roofline like this or any other roofline you actually want to get a friend, neighbor, or a loved one to watch the ladder for you to hold it. Always stay safe. So that’s what I’m going to be doing for Matt. You don’t want to get hurt doing Christmas lights so have someone at the bottom holding the ladder. All right Matt get to it. Ok up here on the roof, Matt with The Christmas Guys™ and we’re just going to do the C9 lights on the roofline. I like to have a little pouch on me, a little tool belt where I keep a bunch of clips ready to go. I’ll show you what we’re going to do it’s going to depend on the gutter or if you’re going underneath the shingle. We’re going underneath the gutter so we want the light bulb to shoot straight out. SO with this we’re just going to slide it right in and it clips the little back will hold up against it to hold it nice and tight and that’s what slides into the roofline. I am not on that light right now so, with C9s you want to start at whatever end your power source is going to be. I like to, if I already have the bulbs in I like to keep them plugged in while I do it. You’re just going to go every foot apart and make the wire nice and taught but not too taught where it’s crazy. Then you’re just going to slide them into the gutter, lock them into place and again with the bag on your hip it’s nice and easy. Got them there you don’t need to be fiddling around with anything, clipping them on to the light and you’re sliding them onto the gutter. Clips on nice and easy. I’ll do a couple more here. Again nice just slide them on, that back part is the connection part and then this part is going to go underneath the gutter. The way you put it on will depend on how your gutters are or your shingles but all the same basic principle of going like that to secure it and make it nice and taught so it’s not moving around on you during the season. Clip them on that’s how you break them sometimes especially when it’s colder the plastic breaks easier. Now here’s a good example on where I need to be is a little support brace, so you want to see if you can get any extra out of it. If you can’t then you’re just going to have to not be exactly a foot apart but you’re pretty darn close. And you just want to move them apart a little bit so you’re keeping that uniformity across your entire roofline or your gutter. So I’m just going to finish up bang out this roofline. That’s how you install C9 lights on a roofline same thing if you’re doing C6s (or C7s) which we do not recommend but some people do it anyway. For more information visit us at the Christmas guy dot com or you can give us a call or even a text at 518712XMAS that’s 5187129627. Once again this is Matt with The Christmas Guys™ and Merry Christmas.

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