Maverick Mike:

Mike “The Christmas Guy” Carlson also known as “Maverick Mike” …finish this sentence.

Quick blurb on why you are known as these things.

maverick mike smiling while decorating for the holidays
Captain Christmas and Maverick Mike The Kings of Christmas photo shoot
Maverick Mike hot glues ornaments with santa hat steve for make a wish event

Your story that led you to wanting to do the decorating with me.

Now over a decade, later things have drastically changed in our business and the decorating industry. After hanging millions of Christmas lights, training over 50 decorators, The Christmas Guys now offer the premier holiday decorating services in New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont decorating for savvy homeowners, fortune 100 companies, restaurants, Hollywood celebrities, and more.

Christmas Guys became “Elfperts Inc” in 2018 when it became a corporation. Elfperts Inc now hosts a family of decorating and lighting companies including The Christmas Guys (Holiday Decorating), Barefoot Landscape Lighting (Illumination Portraits of homes and businesses), Light Your World (Wedding and event decorating), ChristmasMotif.com (custom made motifs, and more), and a partner in VisiDream LLC (our oversized commercial decorations supply company.)

Meet The Christmas Crew:

Captain Christmas (President)

Matthew Martoccio in a red Christmas suit

Ron Crowley (Head Elf)

ron crowley happy to decorate for christmas

Maverick Mike (Vice President)

Mike Carlson wearing an ugly christmas suit

Joey The Minion Mertz (Inventory Manager)

Joey Mertz holding stars for christmas decorating

Some Elves (Decorating Elfperts)

decorating elfperts in ugly Christmas suits

Justin Carlson (Operations Manager)
justin carlson wearing a suit on his wedding day

Bill Varrone (Sales Manager)

Bill Varrone sits at his desk during Christmas sales season