Should I Buy LED Christmas Lights?

Please note since the making of this video we no longer use incandescent lights on any new clients. We use all LED lights from mini lights, led C7 lights, led C9 lights, and LED icicle lights.

Transcript below:

We’re back Matt Mike I just got a glimpse of this question. This is without a doubt the biggest question, the most asked question we get from our customers and our potential customers and that is, should I get LED lights? Yeah we definitely get it everyone asks us that question, multiple times even. And the big answer is womp womp womp it depends. Now there’s a couple rule of thumbs here for going LED route. If you want the Christmas vacation style house, yes, you have to go Led. LED you can fit three to four times as many lights as you can with the regular lights. So if you want a lot of lights, which we love, LED you should go because you got to keep it the power you can’t be overloading your circuits. And it uses ninety percent less electricity than the traditional lighting systems. It also costs about three three to four times more for a box of lights though. So you just need to weigh the costs. Yeah and actually they can check I’ve written an article on that one I think even we have a video if we don’t yet we will. Yeah but it takes you know it takes it’s all broken down for you there. What we’ll actually do is bring samples to see to your home or your business with the regular, with the with the LED, with the c7s, the c9s, the mm5s I mean I can keep going on and on with it. So it depends the other thing is some people don’t like the way the LED lights look now. true true. I get that, I do. I I feel the same way with lot of the LED lights but keep in mind from last season the LED lights really took on a whole new life of their own. Yeah because we used to be very blinky if you ever look at LED light usually the ones that are hung now unless you just bought them you can see that they stop flashing that even though they’re on steady you can see blinks in them they’ve really kind of cut that down completely. You can’t even tell anymore. They do have many colors, I mean like even with white you have different you’ve got warm white, pure way all sort of different whites. You know some of the whites actually look blue which people are like well I don’t want blue lights I want white lights. right so you know we’ll just, you can get white LED lights, just a lot of people don’t know what to buy when they’re in the store. Exactly they see this is a white light but it actually burns, when it burns it looks blue. And LEDs do have a life expectancy longer than than you or I. So yes the initial costs up front is a lot, three four times more but they have 50,000 hour life expectancy on LED for the Christmas lights. So chances are you’re going to be handing them down to your kids. I mean mini lightsthe regular ones that they’re fine too I mean I I use a lot of those on my own home mainly because I’ve had them you know and I just keep incorporating them into my design I love the way they look but you know I I definitely lean towards I like the smaller electricity bill. You know because my electricity bill does it does jump about 90 bucks extra a month usually with the Christmas season but that’s with the regular lights and that’s with a lot of them. It’s about the same for me to about 90. So yeah I think that’s it that wraps it up for this little video here and I’m Matt I’m and we’re the Christmas guys and we hope to hear from you soon now www Christmas guy com or you can reach us at 518 XMS which is five one eight seven one two nine six two seven thanks for watching see you soon Merry Christmas.

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