Do The Christmas Guys do Interior Holiday Decorating?

Transcript below:
Now with another question. Can the Christmas guys hang stockings and do they do any other interior decorating? And my answer is absolutly, we do it all, we’re the Christmas guys and we will gladly hang those stockings for you and we would love to do some designing in your house, your home, your business we don’t neglect business we haven’t said a lot about businesses and we do it all. I mean we’ll get inside we’ll put together a plan that you’ll absolutely love, will work with you, will answer any questions you have, we’ll make suggestions on what you should do inside. I’m sorry I stole your thunder there but go ahead now. Obviously, we do have experience interior decorating for the Christmas season I mean I don’t know about curtains and all that but and we even have our guest designer that does that. We bring in whoever we need to spice it up as we want everything to look the best it can be. We have experience with stockings, hanging mistletoe, putting up trees whether it is artificial or the real ones, garland, wreaths, I mean we whatever it is when it comes to the holiday decorations you know we’ll put them up. We’ll do it, yeah we love it we’re the Christmas guys it keeps us going yeah we love it, nothing like the holiday cheer. So yeah I think that’s it that wraps it up for this little video here and I’m Matt I’m and we’re the Christmas guys and we hope to hear from you soon now www Christmas guy com or you can reach us at 518 XMS which is five one eight seven one two nine six two seven thanks for watching see you soon Merry Christmas.

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