Do The Christmas Guys Decorate for Other Events?

Transcript below:
Well here’s the other question and everyone we’re known as the Christmas guys and the big question is do the Christmas guys decorate for other events other than Christmas? We definitely get this quite a bit and yeah we decorate for all sorts of events and everything weddings and birthdays, retirement parties yeah for sure um yeah so I mean let’s see what else how we got we have birthday parties, weddings, special events, regular parties, graduations, military homecoming, Halloween, Oktoberfests and any event really. Usually, guys, most people don’t want the multicolored lights during these events right usually it’s white but keep in mind now with so many different variations if you want you know Halloween maybe you want all orange or maybe you want all red are all blue all gree. I mean they make all purple I mean I make everything fourth of July yeah a little American flag action little red white and blue. I actually did a tree like that what it was last year it was red white and blue and we did three different strands we had all red, all blue and all white, it looked it looks pretty cool I remember seeing the pictures from that it looks pretty nice pretty awesome yeah sure so hope that answers your question I think that does it alright So yeah I think that’s it that wraps it up for this little video here and I’m Matt I’m and we’re the Christmas guys and we hope to hear from you soon now www Christmas guy com or you can reach us at 518 XMS which is five one eight seven one two nine six two seven thanks for watching see you soon Merry Christmas.

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