How to Decorate a Tree for Christmas

Many people over the years have asked us how we decorate exterior trees for Christmas time and have them look so good. From homeowners to other Christmas light installers. We put a little video together to help you learn some of our professional Christmas light installation tips on decorating outdoor trees for Christmas. Note this same technique can be used indoors but you should use more lights indoors for a more saturated look. Without further delay merry Christmas from The Christmas Guys.

Transcript of the above Christmas decorating how-to video:
Matt from the Christmas Guys™ here with another pro tip on Christmas light installation. We’re going to be looking at a deciduous tree and we’re going to be doing what we like to call the candy cane wrap. That means we’re going to be going around the outside of the tree and we’re not going to do a branch wrap with each individual branch is wrapped. Looking at this it can seem hard to understand what you want to do to make it actually look good., the branches are going in different directions and everything so. The great thing about this though is when the lights go on it because there is no leaves or anything you actually get more bang for your buck out of your lights because you can see all the lights from every different angle. So with this you want to start at the bottom obviously and you’re just going to wrap a few times along the bottom. It doesn’t really matter if you have lights at that point, you are going to have a few depending on how long of a run you have before the lights start on your strand. And all I’m doing is I’m branch wrapping this one branch just so we can get it out to the position we need to get it in to start doing the candy cane wrap. So once you’re out to that choose counter clockwise, clockwise does not matter. Whatever your wrapping preference is. And with this tree we can start a little bit lower because there’s some lower branches but there’s nothing to really make it uniform on this side so I’m going to start right about this height or so and go from there so it’s the same height off the ground. And with these ones you can kind of look into that and with this one you can even just go a little loopty loop around the branch and you want to give it a little bit of a tension pull and that’s going to hold it up into the air. You can also and I don’t know if it’s going to work for this one you can pull up the branch and go underneath it. We are not going to do that with this branch but some branches that works out well to help you give a more full look. And here we go as an example of how we have a light about every 4 inches, light, light, light and then a big jump. You don’t want that big jump. SO what you’re going to do is you’re going to unplug it and you’re going to make it about the same and once you do that you’re going kind of twisty tie it , nothing crazy tight you don’t want to loosen your connections or ruin your wire. And you’re going to just keep wrapping it around and then you’re going to plug it in. SO now you have more of conformity with your light spacing. Now again, with no leaves on I can go on the inside of this branch and the lights still look the same because there’s nothing blocking their view. The light source is still viewable. And that’s how you do it. And you’re going to want to keep going around, you want to use around the same gap between each wrap around the tree. SO the only time you’re going to really, you’re going to re-cross here at the very beginning when you come around the first time and once you do that you just want to jump up to whatever height, whatever height you want. I prefer on this you can do different types of gaps all around because again the lights shine through all the branches so matter what angle you look at you’re going to see all the lights. It’s going to look amazing. And that’s how you wrap a deciduous tree with the candy cane wrap. This is Matt with The Christmas Guys™ check us out at the Christmas guy dot com or give us a call or text us at 518 712 XMAS that’s 518 712 9627. Matt with the Christmas Guys™, Merry Christmas.

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