Here we go again Christmasteers! It’s Matt the OG Christmas Guy again with another Friday Fun tip! I will continue with another tip about Christmas light installation today. This tip goes for any holiday decorating, including Halloween later this month. One of the most important things right up there with not rushing is the planning!

If you are decorating the exterior of your home then go outside before you ever even start untangling and testing last years lights! Get out there and look around. Look at the trees, bushes, shrubs, stairs, doors, garage, roof, pathways, fences, well covers and whatever else happens to be in your yard. Take a step back and picture what your entire Christmas light installation project will look like. Is there a main focal point you want the eyes drawn to? If so focus solely on that first and come up with a few ideas on different ways you can decorate it. If this is your main attraction it needs to be the best and most thought out area of your Christmas light display. Once you have a few ideas then think of how you can accent the main decoration with other things in your yard to brighten up your space and help add to the Christmas magic of your main attraction.

If you don’t have a main attraction then think of how you can decorate things so your home and property doesn’t appear too lopsided at night when those Christmas lights (or holiday lights) are the only thing people can see.

Planning ahead and having a solid few ideas swirling around your mind will make your Christmas light installation look better and go smoother once you finally figure out how many new lights you need to buy because you can’t untangle the old ones.

If you are decorating an interior planning ahead is also very important. Now some things are just natural due to family holiday traditions, like where to put the tree and mistletoe. Other than think through what you want. Maybe you saw some awesome garland decorating on Pinterest that you’re just dying to try out. Nice thick garland with lights around a stair case may look amazing but will it work in your home? Think will the garland when wrapped around the railing take up too much of the walking space causing your clothes or big winter jackets to constantly rub against or get caught on it? If so go with a thinner garland or scratch the idea in total. Is the garland going to have lights on it? Make sure you have somewhere not only to plug it in but where the cord won’t be laying right in your walk way just waiting for you midnight snack trip to make you stumble right down the stairs. Maybe you are thinking of live garland (great choice) it will look and smell so much like Christmas! But it will also start to dry out inside and start falling all over the place! If you want live garland inside the home make sure you don’t decorate too early so you don’t send your Christmas eve sweeping up needles instead of making memories with your family and friends.

In closing the Christmas Guys during your estimate will help walk you through these things if you don’t already know what you want just visit us at https://thechristmasguy.com/

Hope you all have a wonderful day!Christmas decor planning